35MM Negative

Why start with a copy when you have the original? When you have your photos processed at your favorite photo processing center your images are made from the film and you receive a handy little pack that includes the printed images and a sleeve of your film. Most people won't ever look at the negatives and they stay safely in that sleeve. Now your printed images are handled, bent, dirty, have finger prints and who knows what else. Which would you like to use in order to preserve and share your memories? The film of course!! I too would rather scan your film as not only are they cleaner but they will provide a much nicer image as they are a higher resolution than the printed images and most likely they are not faded so they will have much better color. Using an industry proven Nikon technology, Olde Tyme Photo Revival can scan directly from the negatives to a digital image at 4000 DPI compared to the max resolution of 600 DPI for a printed image.

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