Preserve the images on your slides and view them without needing to set up a screen and projector!! Using Nikon technology, Olde Tyme Photo Revival can scan all your slides into digital images in record tyme!! Because of it's inherent use, projection on a screen or white wall, slide film is of greater quality than standard 35MM film. In so much, slide film is capable of providing an image of much higher quality that it's cousins. Because of this, slides will also scan to a higher resolution image and will present much nicer when played in a slide show on today's larger format and HD TV's.

** Unless otherwise stated prices will be quoted for this service.

Services Pricing: 
Under 200 ImagesUnder 400 ImagesUnder 500 ImagesUnder 1000 ImagesOver 1000 Images
High Resolution JPEG Format **$99.95/$.50 per slide$191.95/$.48 per slide$229.95/$.46 per slide$439.95/$.44 per slideCall for pricing
Nikon Raw Format$119.95/$.60 per slide$231.95/$.58 per slide$279.95/$.56 per slide$539.95/$.54 per slideCall for pricing
DVDs1 Inc/$5.00 Each Additional Disk1 Inc/$5.00 Each Additional Disk2 Inc/$5.00 Each Additional Set2 Inc/$5.00 Each Additional Set2 Inc/$5.00 Each Additional Set